COVID-19 is leaving a lasting effect on the world. The after-effects and the sustained damage that it has inflicted on the body is becoming evident. Health professionals are looking for ways to tackle the nearly 7 million people requiring aftercare within the UK alone.

HandHeld Health exists to provide an on-demand and bespoke service to the millions that will find benefit in scientifically grounded exercise rehabilitation.

Grounded in years of ongoing academic research and built from the ground up specifically with COVID-19 survivors in mind, we offer a safe and bespoke and progressive way for people that require specialist care to access it, within the palm of your hand.

Built around one of the worlds largest and most comprehensive databases of exercise video HandHeld Health guides you through a workout programme that can be done without leaving the house.

After taking each client through an extensive and focused fitness testing and questionnaire HandHeld Health’s unique and proven algorithm intelligently prescribes an exercise routine to promote the recovery from the physiological damage left by COVID-19.